Figure Drawing Videos Chapter 1

The following videos present methods of seeing, understanding and drawing force through an assessment of life. The videos are broken down into chapters from the popular book, "Force, Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators".
Chapter 1

Supplies - Preview

The traditional art supplies I use and recommend in my lectures and classes are covered here.

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Hierarchy - Preview

How does this ranking process relate to drawing?  Find out how to use it to prioritize your process.

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FORCE: Hierarchy- SF Academy of Art lecture Preview
FORCE: Hierarchy- SF Academy of Art lecture

Filmed during a lecture at the San Francisco Academy of Art University, I discuss hierarchy, priorities and draw from a model.

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Great Hierarchy Exercise - Preview
Great Hierarchy Exercise Preview

During this video I discuss a great process with which to stretch your understand of the length of FORCE and its connections in the body.

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Force Line - Preview
Force Line

The first tool to defining FORCE line is described and what lines are unFORCEFUL?

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