John Nevarez, Visual Development for Animation

Learn numerous tips and tricks from master concept artist and visual storyteller, John Nevarez. Through clear, casual conversation, John inspires with ease as he creates amazing concept drawings during this video series that shares with you how he does it!

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John shares how he designs characters with easy to understand tutorials.


Using many different tactics from proportions to flaring, texture, pattern and more, John creates interesting environments and props.


In the finale of the video series, John develops a story image based off of suggestions from the audience. Learn John's process to visual development!

Visual Development Trailer

Over 1.5 hours of John Nevarez sharing how to draw characters, environments and story moments!


John Nevarez

John shares with you skills he has learned and utilized from his 20 years experience across feature film and television animation creating either concept art, visual development or storyboards, for Pixar, Walt Disney, Warner Brothers and other animation studios.


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