Dean Yeagle, Designing Mandy Videos

Learn how to draw one of the most beautiful women in the world, Mandy. Dean shares with you all his tricks to drawing the female form and how to create the most appealing images, from the shape of the body down to the design of the mouth.

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Understanding character

Dean shares with you the importance of understanding the traits around a character.  Discovery Mandy's character traits.

Designing Mandy

Learn the drawing and design tricks to illustrate a woman as beautiful as Mandy!


Dean's experience in animation leads to his. expertise in posing the figure.  Find out how he does it while you watch him draw!

Designing Mandy Trailer

Come see Dean create Mandy and some of the drawings you will learn to illustrate!


Dean Yeagle

Dean has worked in almost every capacity in the animation industry and has his own production company. He has also illustrated children's books and designed corporate characters. Since October 2000, Dean has contributed regular gag cartoons to Playboy Magazine, which has ed to the self published sketchbooks and the created on world renowned pin up girl, Mandy!


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