Diego Lucia

Diego Lucia is a Gesture drawing expert of the Human Figure and first official instructor, chosen by Michael D. Mattesi, creator of the FORCE method. Diego was born in Argentina in 1978 in La Plata city, currently trains artists, animators and illustrators from around the world, changing the idea of ​​drawing as a "copy" of what we see to transform it into an interpretation and experimentation of reality.

Artist Mentorship

An OnLine One-on-One Art Mentorship

You'll get a personal and focused approach to your artistic education, tailored to your goals to help you make the progress you want and see real results faster. Whether you want to become an animator or a concept artist, or you just want to take your drawing skills to the next level, DrawingFORCE Instructor Diego Lucia can offer you a one-on-one Art Mentorship that will help you learn and grown by leaps and bounds.

Before the mentorship begins we will work out a customized proposal plan for the five sessions, setting goals and expectations. Diego will assess your skill and ability as an artist to better understand where you are starting from and where there is room for improvement.

There is limited placement for the 2019 mentorship and starts in February.

It is taught through our live Online ClassRoom

Five personalized sessions assignments and Q&A

Content created specifically for Mentees

FORCE Art Mentorship

FORCE Drawing is a very unique approach and there is non like it anywhere else online. FORCE Drawing teaches you to UNDERSTAND what you are looking at and better see it as well. This leads you to drawing from reference and from your imagination with great skill and comprehension. You can choose the level of commitment that works best for your schedule. No matter what skill level you start with, our online drawing classes are designed to help you get better.

Artists of the FORCE drawing approach move on to many different careers in the entertainment and fine arts.

FORCE is a drawing process that ironically is not so much about the drawing but instead about the thinking and experience that creates a drawing.

It teaches you to empathize with the model and understand how they do what they do and why. There is the poetic and practical knowledge that you learn while drawing with FORCE. Because of these dialectical approaches you learn how to create drawings that present emotions and that make sense. After gaining mastery of these concepts, you then can interpret anything in your own way. You develop more of a designer and storyteller’s muscles. That is why my students land jobs primarily in the entertainment industry.

My focus is drawing with line and how you can express yourself with that line. Imagine drawing the figure because you are in awe of the drama he/she presents, through their humanity! Seek to understand how they function, why they took a particular pose, and experience the feeling of FORCE and the momentum of the pose with LINE, while you draw it! Drawing is exciting, challenging and addictive!

I guarantee that FORCE drawing will be a unique and engaging experience for you. I hope to join you in your personal artist journey.

FORCE Art Mentorship

Schedule five one-hour sessions with Diego Lucia, make a plan and go through it together to see faster and noticeable progress.

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OnLine ClassRoom
One session of one hour.

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Five Sessions


One Time Payment

OnLine ClassRoom
Five sessions of one hour each.

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If you want to make real progress with your artistic skills, you need to find an art education method that works for you. FORCE drawing offers a whole new perspective and style that has helped people forge new careers.

Drawing should be intellectually and creatively challenging, exciting, and addicting. Choose a drawing approach that truly captures a model’s drama, function and humanity.


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