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“I'm absolutely loving it. As a 37 year old hobby artist I didn't think I could meaningfully improve my drawing skills but even in the couple of weeks I've been studying the Force method, I can feel there's been a positive change not just in my mark making but also in the way I construct ideas and think about putting them on paper. Turns out you can teach an old dog new tricks :) I've also been participating in the forums and Swendly and Diego are amazingly helpful. Thanks for creating this course and I'm looking forward to learning more and continuing to discover my artistic potential.”


“I wanted to thank you again for the past few weeks and the time you took out of your busy schedule to help myself and others learn a bit more about this so called “FORCE” in illustrating. I am not sure if I showed a ton of progress, but I can assure you I am seeing and thinking very differently than I did before your class. I will admit, I read your book at least 20 times, but the class really brought things into focus! I was able to learn enough about FORCE to be dangerous and got some great insight from a legitimate industry professional who I’ve followed for over a decade.”


“I found the class both informative and invigorating. It has been a real treat to have someone as knowledgeable and passionate as you to teach me and it has really helped me improve at an exponential rate. I will continue to apply and explore everything you have taught me so far and hope we meet again. ”


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