$1,100.00 USD

FORCE Basics Intensive- Online Class

10 weeks, Dec 02-Feb 03
Saturdays at 1pm-3pm PST
15 Student Max Attendance!

Meeting Info and HW:
Weekly Zoom Sessions, you will receive Class Link a few days prior to to first class.
Assignments to be submitted 24 hours prior to class.  You will receive a Google Drive Folder Link to do so.
Traditional supplies are soft graphites or waxes on SMOOTH Newsprint. Digital drawings are also welcome!

What you'll get:

  • During each session, I will look over your HW with the class and demonstrate how to do the next week's assignment.
  • You will also gain access to online videos to support your education from week to week.
  • Class will be recorded and uploaded to a Google Drive Location for you to download and keep.
  • Every week there will be a new assignment that will help you deeply understand and learn how to draw with FORCE.
  • Discover how to control your line
  • How to Find and Draw FORCES and Rhythms
  • Learn the simple FORCE templates that will direct FORCES and generate rhythm
  • How to bring Gravity into your work
  • Two approaches of skating and chopping
  • A new way of looking at and using angles
  • What to be thinking about while drawing
  • Directional and Applied FORCES
  • The use of the arrow
  • Animator’s tricks for drawing the figure
  • The right amount of loose to tight information in your drawing
  • Metaphors to power up your work
  • Keep proportions without losing dynamism
  • #1 reason for stiff figures and how to remove it
  • The Three steps to drawing
  • The importance of hierarchy and how it’s used in FORCE Drawing

Life Time Access to the FORCE Basics Video Course ($140 value)
FORCE Model Pack- Over 550 ($20 value)dynamic photos of models for you to draw.
FORCE Brush Pack- Use the same brush Mike uses during the course to gt the feel of drawing with FORCE. ($7 Value)