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Mentorship 36 Sessions

Join today with the biggest discount for mentorship and the most commitment with 36 Sessions!

What you'll get:

  • Gain access to all Premium Membership videos and the Monthly Live FORCE Premium Workshop!
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  • Save almost $600 on your mentorship and get the Model Pack 01 and the Digital Brush Pack FREE!

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What People Are Saying:

I never knew how much I could grow as an artist in such a short amount of time. My one-on-one mentorship sessions with Mike were always incredibly productive. Having him there in real time giving critiques and being able to ask a question right away accelerated my understanding and learning like no other drawing course I've ever taken before (and I've purchased quite a few). Each session Mike was slowly opening my eyes to see the truth in front of me and making me a better artist. The FORCE templates he has developed as part of the curriculum alone make his method worth every penny

Joel G

You are honestly the best out there, and I'm so glad I have you as a mentor. I wouldn't get the quality of education anywhere else, and the improvements I have made thanks to you in only 5 months of mentoring are insane. Whereas I believe most instructors just look at students work and read off a flowchart on what 99%-of-students-screw-up-most-of-the-time, and then just use that as way for students to improve, you actually truly look at what student is struggling in and you point out exactly what they need to do. There was a time when I wanted to draw, but I never progressed. With you as a mentor I actually managed to make progress, a lot of progress, something I thought would be impossible.

Rico B

I would like to begin by sincerely thanking you for all the effort and passion you've put into your work and your teachings. I have been trying to study figure drawing and gesture for a while now but it didn't click or really make sense to me until I came across your videos on YouTube and your books. Learning your method feels so natural and organic that it's almost like remembering something I have always known deep down but just couldn't reach. Maybe it's the humanity you're always having us strive for, but everything you teach just resonates with me, and you have completely changed my approach to drawing and the way I look at the world around me.

Lyna B

The reason I write this email is because I really wanted to thank you for all of your dedication. Before force I was really frustrated I was really lost, so lost that i didnt even know how much drawing meant to me. I had tried many other instructors and even though they are really good artists and even really good teachers, their systems lack what FORCE has which is to make me understand what I'm doing and why. Many instructors just talk about time. they say "do this for many years and eventually you will get it". Don't get me wrong i know that time is a very important part of this but understanding what we do makes time irrelevant. I am a long way from being an amazing artist but i can feel that i understand what I'm doing and i can feel how much I'm improving every day! Thanks for everything that you do! Force is really changing my life in ways i couldn't even thought of. See you tomorrow!

Raphael O

I would like to say what an amazing method and dedication you have. It is the best method I found, one that really works for me.

Pablo M