Drastically Improve

Your Drawing Ability

in Just 2 Days!

Improve the way you see, think and draw the human figure in this inspiring 2 Day Workshop! June 28th and 29th at Spyhop!

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Have you been frustrated by your lack of drawing skill or the speed with which you are learning?

You can change this in just two days! Take a huge step forward to drawing dynamic figures!

This in person session with Mike will give you the opportunity to see live demos, ask as many questions as you have, get them answered and practice the approach.  Mike will demo, instruct in group critiques and hold one on one conversations to make sure everyone understands and can draw what Mike is discussing.


THE FORCE Drawing Approach!

This unique approach teaching you to see through more of an animator's lens, to see FORCE, gravity and the function of the body when drawing. 

Here are just a few topics you will learn, in Mike's unique way to teach them:

  • Identifying FORCE in the Figure
  • How to generate rhythm in your drawings
  • Numerous FORCE templates of the figure
  • The Leading Edge

After this workshop, you will witness a huge improvement in your drawings, as many other artist before you have experienced.

Day 01

FORCE Basics and Gesture!

The core principle to figure drawing is the gesture. This is the foundation to all good art.  Learn how to iterate to solve problems and of course draw fluid dynamic figures. Other topics covered on the first day:

  • Identifying FORCE in the Figure is the first step.  need to see it to draw it!
  • How to generate rhythm in your drawings, learn the exercises to do so!
  • Numerous FORCE templates of the figure will help you know where to go in the body!
  • The Leading Edge, the animator's secret ingredient!

After this module, you’ll be ready to start marketing your artwork.

Day 02


Have been challenged by perspective and form?  You know you need to understand it but but it seems so technical and confusing. Let's simplify and clarify it all. This module includes:

  • 4 Point Perspective, how the eye sees!
  • The Turning Edge, Cross Contours and how they relate to a loaf of bread!
  • Form Ellipses and how fast they develop forms!
  • Rotating the cube from imagination and how families will help you do so!



Bonuses: Value $627~

$100 Value: ENJOY A FREE half hour Mentorship Session with Mike!
$500 Value: The FORCE Foundation Bundle, Hours of Video Tutorials from Basics, to Form, Shape and Anatomy!

After the workshop, pick a date to meet with Mike for a half hour:

  • Get answers to any final question you may have from the workshop!
  • Discuss what your personal drawing skill path to mastery looks like!
  • Have Mike look over your personal work and receive quality feedback!

You’ll leave this 1:1 session with a clear vision of where you want to go and how you’re going to get there. On average, students who meet with a mentor individually learn much faster than those who don’t. This Bonus is yours free with the purchase of this workshop.

You'll also receive:

$7 Value: The FORCE Digital Brush Pack

$20 Value: The FORCE Model Reference Pack


So Many Careers!

Mike's students occupy jobs in all genres of art careers including some of the most world renowned!

You too have the ability to create art the way you want for things you want.

With tht right tools, you too can affect the world with your ideas and images.

I look forward to playing a role in your creative journey.

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The FORCE Drawing Approach Workshop

In Two Days you'll learn to draw, FORCE, rythm and templates for your gesture drawings and then how to add form and perspective in the second day!

Two Day attendance


This is 50% Off the last Workshop Mike Hosted!!!

  • Only 20 Spots Available!
  • 12 Hours of FORCE Drawing in total!
  • Amazing Live Models
  • Personal and group critique
  • Live Demos by Mike
  • A day of FORCE Basics and Gesture Drawing!
  • A Second Day of FORCE Drawing on focused on Form/Perspective
  • Bonus: The FORCE Foundation Bundle-Lifetime access to hundreds of videos at DrawingFORCE.com
  • Bonus: A 1:1 coaching session
  • and much more!