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Your drawings are only as good as your ideas!

Michael Mattesi, Creator of FORCE Drawing

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"What is the first step to learning how to draw?"

Understand the gesture. I teach you how to do so by using FORCE to create the rhythms of the figure.

"How do you create such amazing line?"

I'll share with you the tools I use and how to use them. Find out what I think about as I create the line.

"How do you make the poses so dramatic?"

Discover simple tools that will inject drama to all of your drawings.

"Can I learn how to quickly draw poses from life and my imagination?"

Yes, when you learn the rhythmic systems of the body, you can identify them quickly and use them to draw from your imagination.

"I want to give you a HUGE thanks to yesterday's lecture.. it was really wonderful & the animators received a lot of benefit from it.  I feel like you really taught us a lot of great techniques, and personally I really got a sense of what I could do to help our poses read much stronger.  I especially liked the discussions on force (AWESOME!) and watching you draw over our poses to see what your thought process was.  It was incredibly inspiring to see your work, I found myself often glancing over at your quick drawing and going "oh crap!" and then working harder to discover the lines I wanted.  I really feel like the animators progressed quite a bit yesterday, even those of us who aren't the best at illustration. :) Oh, and just so you know.. the animators were already asking when you'd be back for more. :)
Thanks so much for putting so much thought and energy into the class, I really appreciate it!"

Jason Schliefer
Lead Character Animator

"After you lectured we spoke and I said I appreciated you putting yourself out there for us and talking about things that are greater than drawing, but I wanted to stress again just how much I felt that was important. Lots of kids look up to great artists as having always been great, and your life story was very uplifting and humanizing. I know some people were only looking for drawing techniques, but what you told everyone was so much better. With any luck, at least one person in the audience felt like 'hey, I can do this' after you talked about believing in yourself and how far just believing has taken you. You're the first lecturer I've truly thanked for sharing, and I look forward to the book if you decide to publish one based on this lecture."

Nicole R
FORCE It! Lecture Attendee

"Today, I was expecting a demo of your methods. The information that you gave today, however, was as equally important as any instruction. I am still reeling from the mixture of personal anecdotes and candid real-world experiences. It was extremely informative and I feel as though it addressed many questions and fears that we as animation students face. I can't stop talking about it to my wife."

Carlos N
FORCE It! Lecture Attendee

"Thank you ever so much for coming and working with me in your drawing workshops this last week. I learned a lot and am already seeing a vast improvement in the movement of my drawings and how I see things in general. Your talk Wednesday night was eye opening and actually connected a lot of dots for me I've picked up from other people and a few books I've gone through, specifically in how my thinking can affect my reality (If you haven't heard of or looked into Dr. Caroline Leaf and/or "Latent Power of the Soul" by Watchman Nee I definitely recommend them). Again, thank you so much for taking the time to come work with us at Amarillo college and wish you the best in all your endeavors."

Paige G
FORCE Basics and FORCE It! Attendee

"Honestly I came into that first session thinking that I might learn a few things about drawing, not that I would understand myself much better, and have almost a world view change. It's pretty amazing to think about the past three days I spent learning from you and know that out of my whole college career, the person I learned the most from is you. I'm sure we'll meet again in the future, I will be near the top of the industry someday. I'll know that it's "your fault" I've rekindled my drive for my passion, animating and modeling. I'm the curly blonde hair guy that was at pretty much every session. You've helped me realize a lot of things in my life.Thank you so much."

Lucas H
FORCE Basics and FORCE It!

Frequently Asked Questions

During the weekly LIVE class, Michael will answer any questions and supplement the on site videos with LIVE demonstrations and critiques.   The weekly videos on DrawingFORCE.com will guide you through the FORCE Drawing Approach. You will receive new assignments for the following week with clear direction on how to improve your drawing skills. The best way to learn is with feedback!

The term lasts 10 weeks. Each class is 1.5 hours long.

Class Starts on Sept 18th and ends on Nov 20th.

Either is fine.  You do need the ability to send assignments online with either medium.  If you draw traditionally, please purchase the following:

  • 18x24 SMOOTH Newsprint
  • Lyra 9B Graphite Crayon (Water Soluble Preferable)
  • Masonite Board for the paper

If you will draw digitally, download the FORCE Pencil for Photoshop. If on the iPAD, I will share with you the brushes I use.


Yes, classes are recorded. You will receive them within 24 hours of the class and you own Life Time Access to them!


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