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FORCE Drawing is a method that can change how you approach art. Learn it all by becoming a subscribed member of the community today! You can choose the level of membership that best fits your current situation and unlock all the amazing resources that has to offer. Our library contains hundreds of online drawing video tutorials, unique model photo packs hand-picked by FORCE Drawing creator Mike Mattesi to help you learn, and a FORCE FORUM of other artists you can turn to for support and advice. Scroll down to explore your options and sign up today!


Three Memberships Types:

There are three types of membership to, Standard, Premium and Elite. Standard and Premium Memberships are Monthly or Annual subscriptions so you decide how long you want to stay a member. Elite Life Time Membership is a one time payment that grants you an all access pass to Read below for more detailed information about each package.

ALL Memberships Include:

Step by Step Instruction

Over 400 online, drawing tutorials are categorized and organized to help you learn quickly and effectively. You can track your own progress with a meter showing you how much of your library you have viewed.

Personal Feedback!

The FORCE Discord is open 6 DAYS A WEEK! Official FORCE instructors Mritunjay Varun and Swendly Benilia guide FORCE artists though their progress of learning FORCE through posts that include draw overs.

Unlockable Content

Over time, unlock classes, model photo packs, Demonstration bundles and more.  There is always something new to discover, week after week to support your FORCE Learning Journey.

Free Resources

FORCE Drawing wants to further your art education by also offering a selection of helpful tools and resources, including: Portfolio Projects Tutorials, Photoshop FORCE Brush, Downloadable Skill Sheets and remember the FORCE Forum!

Premium Membership Additions:

Monthly Critique

At around the same time every month, you send in samples of your work to Mike for your personal, drawing review using Reviews are typically 10-15 minutes long, recorded and personalized to your FORCE Drawing journey. Mike will guide you through the curriculum and you learn how to draw with FORCE!

Tracked Progress

Through your monthly personal submissions and those to the monthly Live FORCE event, your progress is tracks so we can support your personal needs in becoming a better artist.

Monthly Live Event

Mike Mattesi hosts a Live Monthly event where all Premium and Mentored students are invited through email to submit their work for review.   This also presents you with the opportunity to see what other members are learning and gives you the chance to learn from those critiques.


Since your progress is closely tracked as a Premium Member, you earn a Certificate of Understanding for each course you present sufficient skills in and truly understand.

Membership Options

There are two plans, Standard and Premium. The main difference between the two is receiving recorded, personalized feedback under the Premium membership. If you want more support, check out the Mentorship page.

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Two-Day Membership Trial

Explore the FORCE Drawing experience with a free two-day membership trial. You’ll have access to our essential online drawing class on fundamentals, FORCE Basics. You will also be able to explore the Portfolio Projects class, which was created to help artists build a drawing portfolio. At the end of two days, you will NOT be automatically billed and you can decide whether or not you want to become a member. If you join the FORCE Drawing community, then you gain access to the rest of the video library!

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Earn Certificates

If you join the FORCE Drawing Premium Membership or Mentoring programs, you can receive certificates of understanding based on FORCE topics such as basics, form, and shape. Completion of all certificates means you truly understand FORCE and how to use it and you gain lifetime site access. You also gain the opportunity to become a FORCE Drawing Instructor, supported by Mike Mattesi with approval to use the FORCE brand.

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