Drawing FORCE Art Mentorship

Are you looking for guidance on where to start your artistic journey or what the next step should be for you to become a better artist? Whether you are a beginner or an experienced sketch artist, you can always find ways to improve. The key to getting better is practice, practice with a drawing method that works for you and helps you reach your goals. FORCE drawing will help you a develop a deeper, more intuitive understanding of life and form, as well as give you the tools to make incredible art. Learning how to draw with FORCE is a great first step, but the fastest and most effective way to achieve the style you’ve always wanted or earn a new career in art is through the Drawing FORCE mentorship program with Mike Mattesi. You not only get the benefits of Premium Membership, you also get private classes and art critiques from a successful artist. The program is catered to you, what you want to learn, and where you want to go in life. Keep reading to learn more about Drawing FORCE mentorships or contact Mike Mattesi today to learn how a one-on-one class can help you achieve your dreams!


What You Get with a Mentorship

There is nothing quite like the relationship between a mentor and student. You get a personal and focused approach to your artistic education, tailored to your goals to help you make the progress you want and see real results faster. Whether you want to become an animator or a concept artist, or you just want to take your drawing skills to the next level, Drawing FORCE creator Mike Mattesi can offer you a one-on-one art mentorship that will help you learn and grown by leaps and bounds.

How It Works

When you sign up for a Drawing FORCE art mentorship, the first meeting will be about setting goals and expectations. Mike will assess your skill and ability as an artist to better understand where you are starting from and where there is room for improvement. You will also discuss your goals. Are you looking for a career in the entertainment industry as a concept artist, storyboard artist, comic book artist or character designer? Do you simply want to craft a new, more fine-tuned drawing style? Are you creating a portfolio to gain entry to one of the world's best art schools? If you don’t have a goal, that will be an important place to start. Defining what you want to get out of the mentorship will help you and Mike decide how to structure your program and it will give you a way to measure your progress and success. With that goal in mind, the two of you will structure a personalized program and make a plan on how to help get you where you want to be.

Each meeting is a live, one-on-one, hour-long class with master drawing instructor, Mike Mattesi. Scheduling is flexible and you can choose the mentorship package that works with your budget, whether you are concerned about time or finances. You will receive focused attention on your work and every session is recorded so you can always refer back to what was discussed. You will also receive assignments and Mike will personally critique your drawings with an eye for what you want to achieve in style and skill.  If you’re looking for a framework to help you practice your art with purpose, this online mentorship is a great option, and it is by far the fastest way to learn and improve.

Choose Your Session Pack

There are four package options for your Drawing FORCE art mentorship. You can buy one session, five sessions at once, a three-month package of twelve sessions and lastly, thirty-six sessions! Each mentorship option includes the benefit of access to the Monthly Live Premium FORCE Event, 400 videos of FORCE drawing education, a diverse set of model photo packs, Demo video Bundles, and entry into the dedicated FORCE Forum community. All those Premium benefits are included with your online mentorship in addition to personalized art critiques and tutorials from Drawing FORCE creator Mike Mattesi.

One Session

Explore the advantages of one-on-one classes with a single session for $165. Mike will evaluate your current drawing style, help you define your artistic goals for the future, and work with you to craft a plan on how to achieve your goals. It’s a great option if you need to budget your time or your money, or you just want to see if this is the right choice for your art education.

Five Sessions

Get the personalized attention and instruction of an art mentorship for less by signing up for five sessions at once. At $800 – $25 less than it would be if you bought five individual sessions – you get the opportunity to progress faster. Mike will assign you work, critique your efforts, and adjust your program plan as needed to help you reach your goals.

12 Sessions

If you are serious about improving your skills or finding a career in the art world, you owe it to yourself to make the commitment to a longer-term program. A 12-session package saves you $180 and provides you with the equivalent of more than one free class. Pay $600 per month for three months.

36 Sessions

Lastly, there is the thirty-six session program! In order to learn truly understand and use FORCE, form and FORCE Shape design, it typically takes around this amount of time to learn and practice these skills. Allow Mike to help you achieve your goals with real results and save yourself $900. Make your dreams come true — sign up today!

One Session



  • One step at a time
  • Access to Live Premium Event
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Five Sessions



  • Learn some basics
  • Access to Live Premium Events
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12 Sessions



  • Commit to FORCE
  • Access to Live Premium Event
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36 Sessions



  • Command FORCE
  • Access to Live Premium Event
  • $900 Savings!
  • Free Model Photo Pack 01
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Why Choose a Mentorship

There are many options online for learning to draw and improving your style, and there are a lot of teaching methods. All those methods are valid, but it’s important that you find the specific style of art education that works for you. Drawing FORCE is a unique method that teaches you to draw in an intuitive, expressive way, and the creator of Drawing FORCE is here to help you craft your art in a way that will help you reach your goals. Is a personalized art mentorship the right choice for you? Mike Mattesi often works with three different kinds of artists to help them find success. Keep reading to see if you may be one of those artists and contact Mike today to learn more about what an online mentorship might look like for you!

The Three Most Common Types of Artists Who Benefit from Online Mentorship

1. The Artist Learning from Home

If you are looking for a career in the art industry, but you can’t afford art school or don't have the time to be a full time student, you have probably found yourself turning to online drawing tutorials.  You can learn a lot from the resources included with each level of Drawing FORCE Membership, but if want the most bang for your buck, an online mentorship is your best option. With three different session package options, you can choose what works best with your schedule and your budget, and you will get the vast array of resources available with a Premium Membership in addition to your private classes. Mike Mattesi will design a program specifically for your skill level and your personal goals while providing you with the personal attention you need to make real progress.
An online mentorship is not just a chance to receive focused art critique, it can also be an opportunity to use Mike Mattesi’s industry knowledge and experience to make good choices moving forward in your art education. Once you have learned your drawings skills, Mike can connect you with the best instructors for you based on your goals and next steps in your education.

2. The Artist Who Needs Motivation

Have you made goals before and found that you have trouble sticking to your plan to reach them? That probably describes most of us. If you are learning to draw or trying to hone your skills outside of the pressure and expectations of art school or work, it can be hard to stay committed. A Drawing FORCE art mentorship can add the element of responsibility and structure that your current program has been missing. Your mentor, Mike Mattesi, will give you homework assignments and track your progress. You will have the deadline of your next meeting to motivate you. Working toward a goal alone can be hard, but with an online mentorship, you can have personalized support to help you keep moving forward and achieve your dreams.
No matter what situation you’re in or what your goals may be, a one-on-one art mentorship is the fastest, most effective way to see results. Explore our session package options, learn more about what is included with the mentorship program, and join the Drawing FORCE community today!

3. The Artist with a Short-Term Deadline

Do you want to apply to an internship that will launch your artistic career? Is there an upcoming comic book or artist convention you need to prepare for?  Are you creating your portfolio to get in a top art school? You need to create or curate a portfolio of work and Mike Mattesi can help you be ready. The Drawing FORCE online mentorship program is great for motivated, goal-oriented artists who want to make fast progress. Together, you and Mike can craft a program that will best prepare you for whatever situation you’re facing. The focus will be on building work, making meaningful improvements, and producing fast results, and no series of online tutorials can match the power of personalized art critiques and advice.


Mentored Student Progress

Below you can see weekly progress of mentored students. Their goals have ranged from concept art and storyboarding to infographics, character design, and more.

What You’ll Learn

There are a lot of resources out there for learning how to draw better. Every method has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it’s important that you recognize which method truly works best for you. Do you feel like you are truly learning? Is this method helping you reach your goal, whether that’s a new career or a certain artistic style? Are you excited and engaged with the process? If the answers to any of those questions is no, it’s time to rethink your art education. Drawing FORCE offers a whole new approach to sketching, and combined with a one-on-one art mentorship with its creator, Mike Mattesi, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge you need to achieve your dreams.

What is FORCE Drawing?

When you create a drawing using the FORCE theory, the point is not to make a great drawing. It may sound counter intuitive, but FORCE drawing is actually about so much more than copying a figure onto a page. It’s about understanding and empathizing with your subject. What’s happening in the scene you want to draw? How is the model’s body functioning? Why is the model doing what they’re doing? FORCE drawing makes you a better artist, designer, and storyteller by teaching you to think more deeply about what you see. You will be able to recreate an experience. Your drawings will capture function and feeling simultaneously. The human body is a masterful machine of logic and mechanics combined with beauty and grace. With FORCE drawing theory, you can interpret it all into your work.

Who Uses FORCE Drawing?

The creator and original instructor of FORCE drawing, Mike Mattesi, has worked for Pixar, Disney, DreamWorks, Marvel Comics, Nickelodeon, Electronic Arts, and more, and his methods have spread throughout the art industry. Whether you want to become an illustrator, an animator, or a concept artist, FORCE drawing can help you hone your craft and achieve your dreams. Mike’s students have become character designers, storyboard artists, comic book pencilers and inkers, and even television producers, VPs, and art directors. They are spread throughout the entertainment industry, working in with video games, comic books, and feature and television animation. Whatever your goals may be, FORCE drawing and private classes with Mike Mattesi will help you reach them.

Is FORCE Drawing for You?

If you want to make real progress with your artistic skills, you need to find an art education method that works for you. FORCE drawing offers a whole new perspective and style that has helped people forge new careers. If you are tired of watching online drawing tutorials where the artist uses a tiny, fine-point pencil and spends hours taking measurements and rendering a character, try FORCE drawing. We’re tired of those tutorials too! Drawing should be intellectually and creatively challenging, exciting, and addicting. Choose a drawing approach that truly captures a model’s drama, function and humanity. Pick a method that helps you understand drawing better. Choose FORCE drawing! If you have any questions,contact Mike Mattesi today! ([email protected])

Take your drawing skills to the next level and/or create a career path into the amazing art industry. Whatever your goals may be, a Drawing FORCE art mentorship can help you achieve them. Not only do you get access to the incredible resources included with a Premium Membership, like a library of more than 400 online drawing classes, a forum full of learning with a great community and a diverse, hand-picked collection of model packs, you also get personalized art critiques and advice from the creator of FORCE drawing himself, Mike Mattesi. Don’t let your dreams slip away because you didn’t invest in an art education method that works. If you have any questions about the Drawing FORCE online mentorship program and how it can help you reach new levels of success, contact Mike Mattesi today. ([email protected]) You don’t have to spend years at art school to see real results. Take the first step today — sign up for an art mentorship today!

"You are honestly the best out there, and I'm so glad I have you as a mentor. I wouldn't get the quality of education anywhere else, and the improvements I have made thanks to you in only 5 months of mentoring are insane. Whereas I believe most instructors just look at students work and read off a flowchart on what 99%-of-students-screw-up-most-of-the-time, and then just use that as way for students to improve, you actually truly look at what student is struggling in and you point out exactly what they need to do. There was a time when I wanted to draw, but I never progressed. With you as a mentor I actually managed to make progress, a lot of progress, something I thought would be impossible."

Current Student

"Mike Mattesi's FORCE Drawing classes really prepared me for the drawing needs of the animation industry and helped give me the competitive edge to transition from a student to a professional. Today I'm a Co-Executive Producer of Cartoon Network's acclaimed Shorts/Development Department and I've had the good fortune of having worked on several high profile shows such as SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS and REGULAR SHOW. If you have the opportunity to, I highly recommend taking Mike's classes.  "

Mike Roth
Story, Writer, Producer, Director-Emmy Award Winner

"I want to give you a HUGE thanks to yesterday's lecture.. it was really wonderful & the animators received a lot of benefit from it.  I feel like you really taught us a lot of great techniques, and personally I really got a sense of what I could do to help our poses read much stronger.  I especially liked the discussions on force (AWESOME!) and watching you draw over our poses to see what your thought process was.  It was incredibly inspiring to see your work, I found myself often glancing over at your quick drawing and going "oh crap!" and then working harder to discover the lines I wanted.  I really feel like the animators progressed quite a bit yesterday, even those of us who aren't the best at illustration. :) Oh, and just so you know.. the animators were already asking when you'd be back for more. :)
Thanks so much for putting so much thought and energy into the class, I really appreciate it!"

Jason Schleifer
Lead Animator- DreamWorks


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