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One Day FORCE Basics Workshop

In this captivating video course, renowned artist Mike Mattesi passionately shares the foundations of his unique and powerful FORCE Drawing Approach with a group of inspired art students during a one day FORCE Workshop!

With numerous demonstrations that showcase the energy and vitality of the FORCE method, Mike leads the audience through a transformative journey of discovery and learning.

Through his inspiring teachings, you'll learn how to draw with FORCE, and feel motivated to explore your own creative potential. So, join us and follow along with the audience as you learn the secrets of the FORCE Drawing Approach and take your art to the next level!

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FORCE Bundle

Buy the full bundle for learning how to draw with FORCE from basics to Anatomy. Four courses with many classes and hours of content to help you learn how to draw with the FORCE approach to drawing. Join the thousands of artists using this method and add FORCE to your work!

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Course 01

If you want to learn to draw online, here is where you start. Build a strong foundational understanding of FORCE drawing with a series of almost 50 videos dedicated to guiding you through the basic principles. If you are excited about the other subjects we offer, this course is your first step to taking your skills to the next level.

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Course 02

Once you have learned everything you can from the FORCE Basics class, take the next step and learn more about form and perspective. You will learn how to add depth and drama to your two-dimensional drawings, and thanks to the innovation of online art courses, you can learn at your own pace. Start today for as little as $20 a month or save with an annual Premium All-Access Pass!

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Course 03

Now that you have mastered form and perspective, you can spend your time honing the way you understand and render shape. This isn’t your typical figure drawing class — you have the opportunity to work with numerous model photos, hand-picked by FORCE creator Mike Mattesi, and submit your final work to receive a Certificate of Understanding. Enroll today!

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Course 04

Every artist, whether you want to be an animator or a professional in the world of game art and design, needs to understand anatomy. Upgrade your drawing skills and your comprehension of the human form through the FORCE function. This series of online art classes will teach you human anatomy and how it contributes to you art, from head to toe and from every angle.

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Course 05 Coming Soon

Learn to draw animals in a whole new way with the fast and innovative FORCE drawing method. FORCE creator Mike Mattesi will teach you one unified approach that you can use to draw all mammals, from mice to giraffes, and you can go back and rewatch each tutorial as many times as you need.

Course 06 Coming Soon

Take your art to the next level and learn more advanced techniques on how to add life and drama to your character design drawings. An excellent companion to Mike Mattesi’s book FORCE: Character Design from Life Drawing, this online art course will help you focus your style and bring the figures in your imagination to life. Sign up for a mentorship or start your all-access membership today!

FORCE Character Design: Medusa

Do you want to know what it takes to create an exciting character design? It is more than creating some cool shapes.  Swendly Benilia, professional character designer and Mike Mattesi, Art Director or 20+ years share with you many tips and tricks on how to design a rich character.

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John Nevarez: Concept Art/ Visual Development

Over 1.5 hours of amazing video of John Nevarez sharing with you how he creates his story rich visuals. John covers over 15 tricks he uses for visual development and concept design.  Learn from a master with 20 years experience across television and feature animation experience at all the top animation companies. All videos are 640x480

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Dean Yeagle: Designing Mandy

Get life time access to these videos. Enjoy almost 1.5 hours worth of masterful content from Dean Yeagle, clearly showing you how to draw Mandy and thus some amazing rules to drawing the female form.

Learn the tricks to making beautiful female faces as Dean takes you through all the areas of Mandy's facial appeal.

Dean also covers posing and gestures, abstract shapes for design, and drawing elegant female anatomy. After watching the videos,  you will have a great understanding on what it takes to illustrate a breath taking pin up girl.

All videos are 640x480

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Extra FORCE Stuff

Below are FORCE Model References and the Latest FORCE Bush Sets.

Not every model photo is equal.  Our model pack is full of FORCEUL, dynamic poses that will inspire you to see and experience drawing with FORCE.  Over 550 amazing photos will help you as you learn how to draw with FORCE!

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FORCE Brushes

Centuries in the making, tested across millions of artists around the world, used to create billions of drawings, we finally share with you our new FORCE Brush Package! This package includes nine brushes from Gesture and Soft Touch Brushes to Brushes for inks and tonal fills. Bring your drawings to a new level of FORCE with great line using these Official FORCE Brushes. You’ll be using the same brushes the the FORCE instructors are using to create tons of FORCE!

For use with Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint

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