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Below explore FORCE Fridays, Live Video sessions hosted by Mike, Swendly and Mritunjay.

FORCE Friday 20

In this video, Mike Mattesi, Diego Lucia, Swendly Benilia, and Mritunjay Varun talk about the mistakes that are often made by newer artists and they show you some of their solutions. You can also learn to polish your drawing skills more in-depth by becoming a member of FORCE! Dive into these mistakes and learn how to deal with the problem. You can also join the team at FORCE and become a member to learn all the tips and tricks that our instructors have to offer!

FORCE Friday 19

Drawing animals can be a completely different beast when it comes to learning shapes, anatomy, and other aspects of the drawing process. Learn more about drawing animals by becoming a FORCE member and learning from our courses! Learn to draw animals with FORCE! Learn about the one shape that you can use across all mammals to more efficiently draw them with fluidity and believably. You’ll see Mike Mattesi, Diego Lucia, Swendly Benilia, and Mritunjay Varun, walk you through the process of drawing and teaching their own secrets and approaches so you can improve your drawing skills!

FORCE Friday 18

This week we are working on critiques. Members of the FORCE community often send us some work for us to give feedback. You can take it to the next level when you subscribe to the mentorship program at the FORCE website! Being able to have a fresh set of eyes and constructive feedback is imperative for a new artist to grow and improve. At FORCE, we offer that and more so you can have a solid foundation and become an amazing artist!

FORCE Friday 17

In this video, Mike Mattesi, Diego Lucia, Swendly Benilia, and Mritunjay Varun, show you how to use animation fundamentals to improve your drawings. You can find these and more concepts when you subscribe to the FORCE Program! Shape rules that stem from the animation industry help us draw with FORCE shapes creating fluid, rhythmic designs. This LIVE session will present demonstrations of a unique process to learning how to see rhythms in the figure!

FORCE Friday 16

Want to learn how to draw rhythmic figures? Try doing it blind! That's right, without looking at your drawing. This LIVE session will present demonstrations of a unique process to learning how to see rhythms in the figure. We will also explain why this process works! Check out our membership here:

FORCE Friday 15

In this video, Mike Mattesi, Diego Lucia, Swendly Benilia, and Mritunjay Varun help understand how to draw dynamic torsos through the FORCE method! You can get more in-depth training when you subscribe to our membership program here! There is a wide range of torso shapes and sizes and there are defining features and ways to draw them all in a way where, no matter what style you are drawing, they will always feel natural and dynamic. Through this video, we will help you identify those different types and what are the characteristics of each one that make them what they are!

FORCE Friday 14

In this video hosted by Mike Mattesi, Diego Lucia, Swendly Benilia, and Mritunjay Varun, you will find the critiques and feedback given to some of the members of the FORCE program. You can subscribe to your membership to start improving today!

FORCE Friday 13

One of the ways to bring life to your drawings is by making sure that your subjects have depth to give a more complex look to what you are creating. Learn more about the fundamentals of drawing through our FORCE program here!

FORCE Friday 12

Discover what the best way is to learn how to draw. Pumping in lots of hours and drawing a lot is great but there are strategic ways to improve faster. Learn more about how FORCE can help you improve your drawing skills with our courses and more!

FORCE Friday 11

Lines of action — what is good about them and what's not? Find out in this live drawing tutorial. Learn how to spot your own drawing issues and the power of lines of action. You can also become a FORCE member and start working on improving your drawing skills with us! Click here.

FORCE Friday 10

The instructors from FORCE take an hour on this video to go through some of the subscribers’ works and give feedback on the submitted drawings. You can also become a part of the FORCE members by subscribing to our program here!

FORCE Friday 09

Join us as we share many of the techniques we use to exaggerate our drawings and create more dynamic figures. You can also learn directly from the team of instructors through the mentorship program at FORCE!

FORCE Friday 08

When drawing and sketching, perspective is one of the most important aspects of your process. Perspective is considered one of the foundations of drawing and, along with other drawing fundamentals, it’s something that you can learn from the FORCE Program.

FORCE Friday 07

When drawing or learning how to draw, there are many concepts and techniques that can balance the learning curve making your improvement easier. This is something that you can find in the DrawingFORCE programs and courses here!

Force Friday 06

One of the most important skills that you can have when becoming an artist is knowing how to compose shapes and lines to draw anything. The skills shown here by Mike Mattesi, Diego Lucia, Swendly Benilia, and Mritunjay Varun can be learned through the FORCE program, courses, and books. Click here to learn more!

Force Friday 05

A big question that many artists ask is, "where do I start my drawing?" Discover how to prioritize your thought process and find out what the leading edge is in FORCE Drawing. You can also subscribe to the FORCE Program and start improving your drawing skills today!

Force Friday 04

For today’s FORCE Friday, we are offering an approach to learning how to draw fluid figures by using rhythm in the body. These and many more instructions, courses, and techniques are available when you subscribe to the FORCE Program here!

Force Friday 03

In this video, we present drawing critiques by Mike Mattesi, Diego Lucia, Swendly Benilia, and Mritunjay Varun. Watch as they help the FORCE subscribers improve their drawing lines, figure drawing, and other techniques through rhythm and FORCE, and much more.

FORCE Friday 02

In this video, we dig into the question that many people constantly ask themselves and others — does talent exist? You can start learning about drawing and the important techniques that you need to know to improve your drawing skills with our FORCE Courses! Watch as we reveal our childhood drawings and what steps we took to draw the way FORCE artists do now. Was it drawing talent that got us here or hard work and skill? Maybe it was interest or admiration from our parents and peers. Watch this video to find out more!

FORCE Friday 01

In today’s video, join Michael Mattesi for some drawing critiques, demonstrations, and a candid conversation about many different aspects of figure drawing and other important subjects. Start your membership today and improve your drawing skills with us!