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Drawingforce.com is THE HOME of FORCE DRAWING. Watch Michael Mattesi, the author of the popular and inspiring FORCE books, instructor at major animation studios such as PIXAR and DreamWorks, show you how to use, understand and draw FORCE!  Are your drawings lifeless? Do you draw from life through the act of copying? Drawing is much more, a vehicle and language to understanding and participating with the world around you.

Enrollment in drawingforce.com gives you:
1. Learn what Michael instructs at PIXAR, DREAMWORKS and other major animations studios and schools
2. Access to the every growing library of more than 300 VIDEOS or 35 HOURS that describe how to use FORCE. 
3. EVERY WEDNESDAY a new video will be uploaded and every month there is an interactive,  one hour LIVE video presentation.
4. If you miss the live Monthly FORCE event, you can view the recorded session later in the month! 
I want to give you a HUGE thanks for yesterday's lecture.. it was really wonderful & the animators received a lot of benefit from it.  I feel like you really taught us a lot of great techniques and personally I really got a sense of what I could do to help our poses read much stronger.  I especially liked the discussions on force (AWESOME!) and watching you draw over our poses to see what your thought process was.  It was incredibly inspiring to see your work, I found myself often glancing over at your quick drawing and going "oh crap!" and then working harder to discover the lines I wanted.  I really feel like the animators progressed quite a bit yesterday, even those of us who aren't the best at illustration. :) Oh, and just so you know.. the animators were already asking when you'd be back for more. :)
Thanks so much for putting so much thought and energy into the class, I really appreciate it!
-Jason S @DreamWorks, Lead Animator

"I want to thank you for sharing your passion for drawing with all of us through your site. It has been a big inspiration to me to pick up a pencil and get better at drawing. The wealth of information here makes me want to draw."
Matt J.
The day I found your book changed the trajectory of my art career. Thank you for your incredible clarity, insight and process for drawing force. Not sure if you consider this your "life's work" - but the impact of your teaching will ripple through the art world for a long time to come.
Kory B.



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