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Welcome to the Official FORCE Drawing Website. Learn how FORCE drawing can breathe life into your creations. The foundations you obtain here lead to a vast variety of finalized and stylized work that can be used across many different careers in the entertainment industry, entering an art school or making money with your hobby. Explore the limitless potential for expressive storytelling that our unique drawing approach offers you. We can you accomplish any of these goals!


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Why Choose FORCE Drawing?

FORCE Drawing is a very unique approach, there is non like it anywhere else online. FORCE Drawing teaches you to UNDERSTAND what you are looking at and better see it as well. We start with reference and progress to drawing from your imagination with great skill and comprehension. You can learn at your own pace, have access to hundreds of online drawing tutorials and model packs, and you can choose the level of commitment that works best for your schedule and budget. No matter what skill level you start with, our online drawing classes are designed to help you improve your skills. 

Artists of the FORCE drawing approach move on to many different careers in the the arts such as storyboard artist, Character Designer, Visual Development Artist, Comic Book Artist, Animator, Illustrator and Caricaturist. Some enroll to improve their drawing skills as their personal hobby. Keep reading to learn more about the FORCE Drawing memberships, courses and personal mentorship options!

We can teach you FORCE Figure Drawing and that includes Gesture Drawing, Perspective, Shape Design, and Anatomy.

In addition to this foundation skills we can support you further, through Clothing Drawing, Composition, Animal Drawing, Character Design, Storytelling and editing for storyboards and comics, caricature, exaggeration and drawing from imagination!

How Fast Do You Want to Learn FORCE?

Choose to learn the unique FORCE drawing approach through the different opportunities at! Each option contains a different level of interaction with the instructor staff. We have found that the more interaction, the more quickly you learn the FORCE Drawing approach.

01: Mentorship

Do you feel stuck in your art education, frustrated with watching videos, trying to follow along and not getting anywhere?  Do you imagine your art to look more amazing than what you produce? We have all been there. If you are not going to pay $200,000 for art school  or you can not currently get accepted by one, then go with mentorship where you will be heard, understood and personally trained.  You will receive assignments and art critiques designed to reach your goals, whether you simply want to hone your style or you are looking for a career in the art industries. We start with a personal interview so we get to know who you are and then  best support you. We improve your FORCE Drawing Skills and help you gain confidence in yourself and in your work! Then we progress to your end goal. It can be a portfolio to obtain an art job, get accepted into a top art school or help with you personal projects. Find out where to start your journey and when you are ready to move to the next skill! Visit the FORCE Drawing Mentorship page to learn more.

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02: Membership

Learn at your own pace with the site's videos and either receive monthly feedback with Premium Membership or do it on your own with Standard Membership. FORCE Drawing is a method that will improve how you approach art. Learn it all by becoming a member of the community today! You can choose the level of membership that best fits your current situation and unlock all the amazing resources that has to offer. Our library contains hundreds of online drawing classes, unique model packs hand-picked by FORCE Drawing creator Mike Mattesi to help you learn, and a community of other artists you can turn to for support and advice. Visit our FORCE Drawing Membership page to explore your options and sign up today!

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03: Courses

If you are interested in purchasing a specific video tutorial course for Life Time Access, for a one time fee, then this option is the best for you. Any updates to a course are yours to own as well. If you know you don't have time to commit, this is your best option. You can move at your own pace and have access forever to the courses of your choice. Some students start at Mentorship or Premium and later when completed, purchase a course so they can return to it whenever they like.

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"There are many books dedicated to drawing the figure and the study of anatomy but Mike Mattesi stands alone in his challenge to draw with FORCES. This idea holds great potential for any artist willing to be moved by it. Mike shows us how to see and use this natural energy in our drawing."

Glen Keane
Supervising Animator for the Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas, and Tarzan Executive Producer for Tangled

"Don't draw form, draw FORCES!"

Bill Tytla
Classic Disney Animator, Most Known for the Demon in "Night on Bald Mountain" in Fantasia

FORCE Fabric: How to Draw Clothes Now Available!

The sixth installment of the FORCE book library, FORCE Fabric: How to Draw Clothes will revolutionize how clothing is drawn. A clear and easy to understand process will guide you through the complexities of fabric and take you through  simple fold types, three fit types, how to achieve fabric texture and there are lots of assignments! Explore the full collection of FORCE Drawing books and order yours today!

There are 30 videos embedded within the 1oth Anniversary FORCE: Dynamic Drawing book that you can gain access to. Email a photo of yourself holding a copy of the book to [email protected] to get that access to the 30 videos!


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Many Companies and Schools Use FORCE

Through the FORCE books and FORCE Workshops hosted by Mike, FORCE has positively affected students and professionals around the world. Interested in a workshop? For more information, visit the Workshops Page.

Latest FORCE Art

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